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Available on Windows, Mac, Linux


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You wake up on a floating island with no idea how you got there. Find ways to reach new and strange islands and meet other survivors all while uncovering the story of how you all got there.


In this unusual game, you wake up on a floating island as a robot. How and why are you here?

You discover that there are more islands than just the one you woke up on. How you will reach the other islands is up for you to discover. Each island has its own mysteries and secrets, which you must solve. Along the way, meet other survivors that will accompany you on your journey.

In How We Got Here, you will be:
- Finding creative ways to proceed to new floating islands
- Meeting and forming relationships with lovable characters
- Making decisions that will impact your playthroughs
- Solving limitless mysteries about yourself and the world around you
- Experiencing an atmosphere that is relaxing and unnerving at the same time
- Listening to a set of fully-voiced characters
- Enjoying unique graphics and visuals
- Meeting Sam

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