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Available on Windows, Mac, Linux


Out now!

WARNING: This game contains heavy material that might make players/audience uncomfortable.

An unknown deadly virus has suddenly spread. It turns people into brain eating zombies, the whole world goes into chaos, etc. You know the rest.
However, in this game, a cure has been found. All the infected people have been treated and are now normal, functioning, harmless humans again.
Except for one thing, the cured people’s skin color is still green. Not everyone is convinced that the zombie apocalypse is over.

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Screenshot 2.png
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Play as a Green man. You just moved to a new town for a new job, but things are not that easy anymore when there is discrimination and racism towards the new Ex-Zombie race.

Human Apocalypse is a game focusing on story, characters, decisions, and exploration. The dark, bizarre world of this game has a deep thought-provoking story, full of interesting characters to meet, a city to freely roam and explore, tough decisions to make, an original soundtrack, beautiful visuals, lots of secrets to uncover. This game talks about serious issues.

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