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Available on Windows, Mac, Linux


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In Introvert: Consequences, four high school shooting survivors move to a new city and attend a group therapy program that promises to ‘heal’ the person in only 5 days. Discover the secrets, situations, and people that await you in this surreal universe while trying to deal with the guilt and grief caused by the disturbing unforgettable past.

This game talks about serious issues such as guilt, grief, trauma, drug abuse and suicidal thoughts in a new and different way that will hopefully be interpreted better by the new generation.

This game is also personal to me. It is a small universe I created to make my zone-out thoughts and stories a reality.


- Aesthetic vibe
- Entertaining but suspenseful gameplay
- Fully voiced characters
- Relaxing original soundtrack
- Multiple endings
- Dank and glitched-out universe
- Gen Z humor
- Lots of Lo-fi
- Unique graphics and visuals
- Captivating interesting characters
- Narrative-driven story
- Immersive lore
- Can be played with only a keyboard
- Available for Windows, Mac, Linux
- A turtle in the apartment

In this weird game, for 5 days, you go to group therapy sessions then hang out for the rest of the day. All while trying to deal with the guilt and grief caused by the painful past. The city is full of secrets and places ready to be explored. Pretty simple.

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