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If you really want to support me and my game, then please purchase the game from my game page on Itch.io. If bought from Itch.io, I actually get all the revenue from my game.
Steam takes a 30% cut, add taxes to that too, and I end up with only about 30-40% of the revenue of my game. Life isn't fair.


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Swallow The Blue is an eerie horror game set in a weird hotel plagued with bizarre beings and interesting characters. The game utilizes a never-used before environment alongside brand new horror mechanics, one of a kind graphics/art style, and an unnerving story with rich lore to create a unique experience for players.

More about the game below screenshots.

In this intense psychological horror 2D game, players are going to have to follow the set of rules given in order to survive. Players must also follow Sapphire Hotel's schedule, missing breakfast or the show will result in unhappy consequences. In between breakfast and the late night show, players have the time to go explore the mysterious floors of Sapphire Hotel in order to escape to the sane world again.

- Never-seen before horror mechanics
- Thrilling hotel atmosphere
- Entertaining but terrifying gameplay
- Unique graphics and visuals
- Captivating interesting characters
- Narrative-driven story
- Immersive lore
- Can be played with only a keyboard
- Available for Windows, Mac, Linux
- Bob
- A turtle in the lobby

Future plans:
- Multiple Languages
- Controller support
- Console ports


Being a stranger in the area and not knowing the history of Sapphire Hotel, you decide to stay the night there. Greeted with friendliness and ease, the horribleness of the place is unseen for the first night. Quickly after meeting the individuals and participating in the hotel's odd activities, you realize you made the biggest mistake of your life.

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